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Free Materials

Most people will NOT remember to reuse or recycle unless we take a stand and be responsible for reminding them! These FREE marketing materials are available in order for you to create a successful e-waste fundraising program! Below are a variety of posters/flyers, editable letters, web banners/jpegs, widgets, and more! Use them to let your community, staff, and supporters know about your e-waste fundraising program. Also, please use the banners and jpegs on your website, your social networks (FB, Twitter etc), in your monthly newsletters and email blasts to let people know that you are partnering with Green Hippo…..reminding them to drop off all of their items at your location!

Partnering with Green Hippo helps preserve our environment and raises money for your school and/or organization FAST….. a WIN-WIN!!

All materials are easily customized with your school and/or organization’s information by contacting us at info@greenhippo.com or by calling 855-304-4776. Our goal is to help you get the word out, make money, and make a difference!

Free “Let’s Recycle” Posters

Download these posters to promote your e-waste fundraising program now! For customized posters with your school, charity or organization’s information on it, please contact us at: info@greenhippo.com

Free Letters

Download these letters in Word doc format for easy editing to get the word out to your school community, parents, supporters, and local community!

Free Web Banners, JPEGs & Widgets

Download these free images to help promote your e-waste fundraising program now! These images can be used on your website, in newsletters, email blasts and in your social media such as Facebook! The more you let your local community and supporters know that you are now partnering with Green Hippo, the more successful this program will be! For customized images with your school, charity or organization’s information on them, please contact us at: info@greenhippo.com

Free Information Flyers

Download these free information flyers to let people know how important it is to recycle printer cartridges and e-waste! This really is a WIN-WIN for everyone!!